Tips On Starting And Sticking To An Exercise Routine

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Starting an exercise routine can be easy. But making it a habit isn’t! See our TOP TIPS for a lasting exercise habit.

Getting into the habit of exercising regularly is definitely not an easy feat. Starting an exercise routine on the other hand is far easier since we tend to be a lot more energetic and motivated in the beginning. However, what good is an exercise routine that only lasts a week? To reap the benefits of an exercise routine, you have to make it a habit. While this may be a difficult process, the good news is that once it is made into a habit, it is becomes almost unbreakable.

Do an activity that you enjoyInvolve someone or something that will motivate youExercise during the time of day that is most convenient for youRemind yourself about the benefits of exercise when you really don’t feel like itTake note of your progressLook after your bodyChoose An Exercise Activity That You Enjoy

If staring at the same wall for thirty minutes while you slave away on a stationary bike or treadmill bores you to death, then don’t do it! Do not box exercise into things that you can only do in the gym. Many people cannot stand gyms and so avoid exercise altogether because of it. There are so many more options available to you, which can be truly enjoyable and stimulating. Look into alternative forms of exercise.

Here Are A Few Of My Favorites


Dance of any kind (hip-hop, latin, ballroom, ballet)

Aerobic fitness trends such as Zumba



Involve Someone Or Something That Will Keep You Motivated

The aim of this is to have you answer to someone should you not follow through with your exercise routine. The most common form is, of course, having an exercise buddy. Your exercise buddy can be anyone, such as your best friend, work associate or family member. Your exercise buddy should have a similar daily routine as you so that you can both dedicate a certain time of the day to exercise. The extreme version of an exercise buddy is a personal trainer. You definitely do not want to let him or her down! If you cannot find anyone to join the fitness journey with you, rope in your dog! Take your dog on daily walks and work yourself up to a daily jog or run.