Male definitions of beauty are steeped in female blood

What price do women currently pay in this battle to define their self-image and self-definition of beauty? A very steep price! Year after year, a huge number of women from all four corners of the globe die trying to live up to ridiculous male definitions of feminine beauty. From bulimia to anorexia, women suffer from all sorts of serious health issues trying to live up to impossible male-defined images of beauty. Women undergo all sorts of surgical ordeals from breast implants to butt implants just to please the ‘perfect’ female image in the minds of males. Well, this is an exercise in futility because men play a cruel trick on women. There is no winning the male dominated game of female beauty because you can’t be rail thin and ‘bootylicious’ at the same time. This should not be a surprise.


After all, this ‘game’ is a game that is stacked against females from Day One They aren’t supposed to win it. The only real winner, predictably enough, is the patriarchy. Seriously. Sure, women are now conquering the board rooms. Women are now represented in the corridors of power and academia. Women now have a hand in stirring the nation’s political, spiritual, health, and economic direction. But if they still all have to kowtow to internal definitions of beauty, are they truly free? Are they really as in control of their lives when their conception of beauty still turns on what men want? Are they truly liberated when the levers of their self-esteem and self-confidence necessarily turns on what men find desirable? Sadly, the answer to all this is a resounding NO. As Malcolm X said: you can’t be at a table with nothing on your plate and call yourself a diner. That’s not going to happen. Sadly, women crowd around the table of power with nothing on their self-definition plate and call themselves ‘free.’ Not going to happen.


Thankfully, the solution is quite simple. In fact, the solution is so simple it is almost deceptively simple and in danger of being dismissed as too trivial by its critics. Still, that’s where the power of this solution arises from-its sheer simplicity. What is the solution? Letting your armpit hair grow out.

Let it grow, let it flow, let is go: the power of female armpit hair

Remember the first time guys called you fat or ugly? Remember all the comments on your Facebook page making reference to your looks? Remember that popping sound as your ego deflates and all your self-worth spill out into the ether? Remember the sting that seared into your soul and numbness you are forced to walk with daily? Well, you can get back at the guys who ever tried to redefine you and control you through their definition. By simply letting your body’s natural patterns take over, you are taking over the steering wheels of the power mechanism that continues to make you feel lousy to this very day. By letting your armpit hair grow, you are refocusing the lens that dictates what you feel about yourself from one of self-negation, low self-esteem, and self-hate to one of self-celebration, self-empowerment, and self-knowledge. Make no mistake about it-there is nothing wrong with long arm pit hair. Men, after all, are allowed to do this. Why can’t women? What is intrinsically ugly about long arm pit hair? What is intrinsically ‘unfeminine’ about letting your armpit hair truly grow out? Put it another way, what is so ‘beautiful’ about clean and immaculate female armpits?

The truth is that men have decided what ‘beauty’ looks like and this definition is one of the final strongholds of patriarchal control. It is also the worst form because by tricking you into hating your natural look, men have subverted your mental processes and your emotions to making you keep yourself in check. How cruel is that? How sick? How twisted? How degrading is that? Still, millions of women still buy into this male definition and shaving cream, waxing solutions, and other hair removal options used to create this ‘clean’ look remains a multibillion-dollar industry. Let your hair grow out and take a stand against this rip off and this oppression. Stop letting men define you. Start defining yourself. There is nothing intrinsically wrong about hairy female armpits. It is completely natural. Letting nature run its course is looked at as ‘right’ when men let their armpit hair and beards grow out, why can’t women let their arm pit hair grow out too?

Take control and make a stand

By reclaiming your body, in all its dimensions, and going back to a fully natural look, you do your part in striking back and striking down the harmful control male expectations and definitions have on females the world over. It is not enough that females can figure in boardrooms, faculty meetings, and the halls of power. Females have to take the extra step. They have to overthrow the final bastion of male domination and control-their self-esteem. Female self-esteem is tied up with self-definition and when women let men define what looks good, they let men run roughshod over their self-esteem.


Do your part in stemming the tide of bulimia and anorexia deaths by reclaiming a truly natural female look. Let your armpit hair grow, let it glow, and let it go. Do it today and signal to all the world that you are your own woman and you are beautiful on your own terms. Real empowerment begins in your mind and when you change your mindset regarding how you should look, you go a long way in truly reclaiming your body. You reclaim your body and you reclaim your freedom. It really is that simple and it all begins with a simple choice.

History of Female Oppression

The history of women the world over has been one of self-definition. For the longest time, women have let men define them and the results have not been very good. For the longest time, women have been defined in terms of their value to men. Each and every time, women have had to settle for the business end of the bargain. Seriously. Talk about a losing game. Whether women are defined in binary pairs of Virgin-Whore, Mother-Child, or Earth Mother-Temptress, women often find themselves having value based on their relationship to men. Instead of seeing themselves put front and center for their own value based on their own needs and requirements, their value is always calculated in relation to their value to men. They are barely tolerated throughout history since they threaten men’s hold on power. It is no surprise that women have been safely marginalized in temples, domestic homes, slave’s quarters, brothels, convents, and other institutions throughout history. It has only been fairly recently that women finally rose up and flipped the script on the discourse they have been forced to live. At the core of this historical oppression, of course, is objectification. Only recently have women become the staple for jobs like flight attendants or real estate agents. Before the 1950s, these types of positions were reserved strictly for men.

Objectification is very dehumanizing. Something isn’t viewed as having its own needs and its own collection of values. Instead, a thing is viewed only through the eyes of something else that makes use of it. Women have historically been defined through the eyes of men who viewed them solely as either sex toys, a source of cheap labor, or the bearers of the next generation. They weren’t viewed as equals. They weren’t viewed as having their own unique and distinct set of needs outside the needs of men. All analysis of women’s roles in society, the economy, the arts, and even in the bedroom turned on the needs of men. Thankfully, women have gone a long way in upending this oppressive system of definition. Now, women can work alongside men. Now, women can vote and get elected alongside men. Now, women can engage in discourse that has them as its sole core and goal of analysis. While this fairly recent backlash against objectification is definitely heartening and positive, it didn’t happen overnight, and it definitely isn’t easy. You see, male control (patriarchy) is all about definition. The power to define is the power to control. For women to truly take control of their own lives and forget their own destinies, they have to wrest full control from men. They have to wrest the power of definition. The problem is that many key definitions are still controlled by men and these get in the way of true feminist progress.

The power to define beauty

While women have gone a long way when it comes to politics, social equality, and domestic (family) equality, women are still under assault by one of the final (and strongest) strongholds of patriarchal social and cultural control-the power to define beauty. Even many of the strongest feminists find themselves subconsciously buying into and parroting the patriarchal definitions of beauty that abounds and multiplied in a wide variety of media. Whether you are viewing images of women through the Internet, mobile devices, TV, print, or other media channels, the battle for defining female beauty rages on and on. On the one hand, you have the definition of women as ‘beautiful’ solely through the eyes of men. These can range from waifish rail thin models that don’t bear any resemblance to how real women look to cartoonish and exaggerated hypersexual female images you see in many hiphop videos. Whether you are looking different cultural renderings of the female body, the renderings are still the same-they all draw the female form and the concept of female beauty from strictly a male perspective. Let me make one thing clear: women will never truly be free from the chains of male oppression if they let males define them.